Demetrius Green or Soul Chemist (he/him/his) is a Hip-Hop Producer & Lecturer of Film & Hip-Hop at the University of Kansas' Film and Media Studies program. His academic interests lie within black digital practices in Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop production. Specifically, he explores how Hip-Hop uses audio and visual techniques as a form of sociopolitical resistance through digital reproductions of space, place and identity . Professionally he has worked as a DJ for Adidas and the University of Kansas and in 2018 he competed in the iStandard Producer Showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

When it comes to analyzing stereotypical representations of black masculinity in contemporary media, commercial hip-hop and the imagery associated with many of the artists is filled with caricatures of black men. This linkage between hip-hop performances and the social context that perpetuates these performances is often blurred in the commercial hip-hop video. This study uses drill music videos to analyze the linkage between space and black masculine performances in hip-hop.